In my Head
Directed by Jamie Robert Othieno
Written by Andre Blanco & Jamie Robert Othieno
Starring Mina Kaljevic & Simone Riccioni
Mixed and mastered by Cristian Milani at Rooftop Studio
Screenplay by Gabriele Cassarà
Logistic manager: Gabriele Gargioni
First assistant: Fabio Spinelli
Second assistant: Chiara Zappavigna
Mina Kaljevic appears courtesy of Wonderwall Management
Simone Riccioni appears courtesy of Linfa Crowd srl
Backstage shooting by Adriana Greco

Special thanks to: JMRBRT FILMS, Mina Kaljevic, Simone Riccioni, Wonderwall Management, Linfa Crowd, M2F, Massimiliano Forleo, Bagana Rock Agency, Federica Drogo, Adriana Greco, Silvia Sirgiovanni, Dario Mainetti, Brothers Levanto, Sandra Cini, Matteo Sardina, Jacopo Grazioli, Ermanno Fabbri, Francesco Ravasio, Aaron Sterling, Laura Santambrogio, Martina Ungarelli, Giuliano Saglia.

Produced and arranged by Andre Blanco and Jacopo Grazioli.
Andre Blanco: vocals, guitars, pian
 Aaron Sterling: drums and percussions
Ermanno Fabbri: slide guitar
Francesco Ravasio: bass
Jacopo Grazioli: guitars
Laura Santambrogio: backing vocals
Martina Ungarelli: backing vocals
Andre Blanco wears: Vans Authentic shoes, Vans V76 jeans, Diego M jacket